Miracle Mile Girls Episode 3

EPISODE THREE – A frustrated Jessica explains the intricacies of the differences between actresses and models, while Courtney shares her own roommate trials.

Miracle Mile Girls follows the lives of aspiring actresses living together in Los Angeles and navigating Hollywood’s murky waters.

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Kimberly Anne Wyatt
Magda Marcella
Jon Shannon
Tunson Cunningham
Armin Nasseri
Kristin West
Jennifer Mather

Directed by: Kate Marzullo
Created and Written by: Magda Marcella
Cinematography by: Harrison Reynolds
Edited by: Kamil Rutkowski
Sound by: Bob Mitchell
Original Song “You Never Existed” by: Drissy from “Negative I”

Producer: Magda Marcella
Executive Producers: Magda Marcella & Andrea Harrison
Line Producer: Kristin West
Assistant Producer: Armin Nasseri

Paul Payam Yazdandoost

Greg Checchi
Rachael Ashley-Layton

Greg Checchi

Chris Baily
Mel A. Gibson

Joanna Caspaeri-Chraszczewska
Carol Menzer
Marius Orlowski
American Academy of Dramatic Arts
Hope Parker
Nathan Haugaard
Kelly Harrison-Hill
Neal Dave
Thomas Schneider
Louis Cimino
Pattianna Harootian
University of Texas – Los Angeles
Kirpal of Objets d’Art & Spirit
Chuck Pappas
Sean Albert

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