Miracle Mile Girls Episode 4 is up!

EPISODE FOUR: Jessica body image issues take a front seat as she agonizes over a call-back, and Courtney really gets into character for her Lady Gaga-inspired performance art piece.

Miracle Mile Girls follows the lives of aspiring actresses living together in Los Angeles and navigating Hollywood’s murky waters.

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Kimberly Anne Wyatt
Magda Marcella

Directed by: Kate Marzullo
Created and Written by: Magda Marcella
Cinematography by: Harrison Reynolds
Edited by: Kamil Rutkowski
Sound by: Bob Mitchell
Original Song “You Never Existed” by: Drissy from “Negative I”

Producer: Magda Marcella
Executive Producers: Magda Marcella & Andrea Harrison
Line Producer: Kristin West
Assistant Producer: Armin Nasseri

Paul Payam Yazdandoost

Greg Checchi
Rachael Ashley-Layton

Greg Checchi

Chris Baily
Mel A. Gibson

Joanna Caspaeri-Chraszczewska
Carol Menzer
Marius Orlowski
American Academy of Dramatic Arts
Hope Parker
Nathan Haugaard
Kelly Harrison-Hill
Neal Dave
Thomas Schneider
Louis Cimino
Pattianna Harootian
University of Texas – Los Angeles
Kirpal of Objets d’Art & Spirit
Chuck Pappas
Sean Albert

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