Hi Y’all!

Just letting everyone know the blog is undergoing some changes. This blog will support the continuing adventures of Miracle Mile Girls in season 2.

The new season has introduced a new main character, Serena, played by Heather Trattner. Serena and Jessica were arch-rivals beauty pageant contestants in high school, in Dallas Texas.

Jessica got her old job back as secretary at Graham PR, only to find that Serena is now working there as a publicist. The rivalry continues, as Jessica and Serena are pitted against each other in the office, much to the chagrin of Mr. Graham.

We are working on the second season, getting the last funds and actors together. In the meantime, check back for blog entries from various characters and videos from the behind-the-scenes of Jessica and Serena’s shenanigans.
Miracle Mile Girls is a fictional story and all characters are fictional; however, both the stories and characters may be – at times – influenced by real events and real people. All confessionals on this blog are spoken through the prism of fiction and have taken a lot of artistic license with their real-life counterparts, but sometimes the lines will naturally be blurred between what is real and what is not. Though it may contain accounts of inspired by real people and events, this is fictional blog.

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