Shit Mothers Say (Video)

We’re excited to introduce a whole new slew of crazy characters in Miracle Mile Girls Season 2!

Listen in on newcomer Serena‘s phone conversation with her overzealous mother, who freely gives advice on dating, multiple marriages, and acting like a lady.

Up-tight, type-A personality Serena is flaky and kooky Jessica’s polar opposite. Serena is also Jessica former high school arch nemesis from Dallas, where they competed against each other beauty pageants and class elections.

Unfortunately for the both of them, fate has thrown them together – not only in the workspace, but in their living situation as well.

How will Serena deal with her new life in Los Angeles – with a crazy mother on the phone and equally whacky frenemy Jessica?

Only time will tell.

Overzealous mother.

Overzealous mother.

Performed by Heather Trattner and Magda Marcella.

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