The Mother’s Day Gift for the Mother Who Doesn’t Want Anything

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So, I am really bad about remembering things like holidays, gifts, birthdays, etc. I know, I know… if I really cared, I’d remember. But it’s not that I don’t remember at all – I do, days or even weeks in advance – but somehow it manages to slip my mind right before the last minute.

So here I am, trying to figure out what Mother’s Day gift to give my mother. It doesn’t help that she lives all across the country in Virginia. Getting anything in time for tomorrow is a pipe dream at this point. I considered getting her an Amazon gift card, but being the procrastinating perfectionist that I am, I’ll probably wrack my brain trying to think of a unique and creative gift idea.



I don’t get to see my mother very often. She splits her time between Virginia, where she and my father live, and Poland, where we have family and a summer house. I see her and the rest of my family once, maybe twice, a year.

Blue Ridge Parkway

Blue Ridge Parkway

However, I’ve never felt her absence in my life. What we lack in physical proximity, we make up with technological prowess. And by prowess, I mean we have weekly-to-daily conversations on my camera/internet/do-you-want-fries-with-that cell phone and her old-as-dirt Motorola cell phone that she only uses to talk to my brother and me when she’s in the house, because she leaves her cell phone at home when she goes out. 

Seriously. I’ll call the house. No answer. I’ll call her cell phone. No answer. Three hours later, she’ll call back saying she was out.

“But I called your cell phone.”

“Yes… But I had to go shopping and then I took a walk so I left it at home.”

Perhaps if I get her a camera phone like the new Nokia Lumia 928, with it’s allegedly amazing picture-taking abilities, she’ll feel compelled to take it with her whenever she goes out – if only to use it for pictures.

Nokia Lumia 928

Nokia Lumia 928

Getting gifts for my mother is extraordinarily difficult. She’s an artist – a painter – and her lack of interest in most mainstream luxuries rivals that of a monk. I wanted to get her something special, exclusive, something glamorous and Hollywood-y and new like the Dolce & Gabbana Matte Liquid Foundation  that’s apparently like a foundation and powder in one. But I know my mother. She’d just say, “Oh, that’s nice dear, but I already have my all natural, apricot-hemp-grape-seed-oil-secret-Himalayan-extract makeup.”

Dolce & Gabbana Perfect Matte Liquid Foundation.

If I had the money, I was even considering buying her a Moissanite diamond (yes, just the diamond – apparently Moissanite also sells just the gems) and constructing some sort of fanciful and one-of-a-kind jewelry piece with it. That would certainly be unique, although it would certainly take more than a day to get to her.

Anyway, despite our differences in cell phones, makeup, and what constitutes a proper gift, we have conversations that span hours; conversations about what I’m doing, what she’s doing, what my dad, my brother, and our dog are doing; conversations about books and headline news and tangent thoughts. We laugh. We cry. We seek advice (well, I mostly do most of the advice-seeking). She rattles off lists of vitamins and dietary supplements, the names of which I always forget, and never ceases asking if I’m getting enough sleep or if I’m eating healthy. We fight sometimes.

This Mother’s Day is no exception. Even though the entire breadth of the country stands between us and I desperately try to conjure up a meaningful gift, we’ll be together in spirit.

 When I call her tomorrow (yes, on the old Motorola), she’ll probably be celebrating with my father and our dog Kava by taking a long walk along the Blue Ridge Mountains, followed by green tea tea at home by the fireplace.

Blue Ridge Mountains.

Blue Ridge Mountains.

Waterfall in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Waterfall in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Kava begging for food.

Kava begging for food.

And I realize: a phone call, a relationship, and love is the greatest gift of all.



But that Lumia 928 couldn’t hurt… ;P

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    • Wow thank you soo much for replying so quickly and taking the time to look me up! I really appreciate it and will check the original thread. 🙂 I think you should be able to find me on google+ as Magda Marcella.

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