Now THIS is Ridiculous!

Great article on “time poverty” explaining in detail how we – completely unnecessarily and out of sheer ignorance – tend to make victims out of ourselves.

You ALWAYS have the power. Don’t let others with a vested interest in making you feel powerless tell you otherwise!


I read with great interest a story in the Sunday paper about the success of a local company. This is a huge, very well known company that has been very successful for a long time. The story highlighted their recent success in a relatively new market for them, specifically the snack market. 

One of the representatives from the company cited the following reason for their unprecedented growth in this market:  “The snack market is growing globally because of the increasing time poverty among consumers. We all have less time to prepare proper meals at home.”

The words “time poverty” instantly caught my attention. I had never seen a lack of time described that way. My first thought was “what a load of you know what.” Time poverty certainly had to be the invention of some clever marketing person hoping to give poor time managers “permission” to pig out on food…

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