This is How You Deal with Your Enemies, Honey

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Let 'em hate, honey!

Let ’em hate, honey!

Honey! Let them hate you.

Just tell ’em to spell your name right. 


Just what Serena’s mother would say, don’t you think?

You can’t control what your detractors think, say, or do about you. It’s a free country. They have the right to hate you, just like you have the right be fabulous!

A old acting teacher once told me that it’s none of my business what others think of me. It bristled my ego at first, but then I realized how true that statement is. I’m far better off minding my own damn business (achieving my goals), than poking my nose in other people’s business (what they think of me).

Here’s a more detailed article on how to distance yourself from haters and other toxic people.


Be fabulous, darling.

Be fabulous, darling.


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3 responses to “This is How You Deal with Your Enemies, Honey

  1. Hey Miracle Mile girl, thanks for that awesome post. I just got a HUGE can of hate burst in my face and I was looking for some encouragement via Pinterest and found your post. I may re-post your blog on my blog, — If I do I will DEF link back to your site — you rock girl! -Shelby

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